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Disinfection module for water tank 1
Disinfection module for water tank 1

Disinfection module for water tank


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    一、Part description 
    Part description
    1. Part description
    Ø SYB-ZC-01 is a high power disinfection module applied in big water tank
    Ø Alert indicator light, warning the module end of life
    Ø Don’t include Hg
    Ø UVC-LED brand: ams OSRAM
    Ø IPX6
    Ø Hi power UVC,water to disperses heat to ensure the module life time
    Ø Steel 304 material, ensure food grade
    Ø Granted patent product
    2. Key application
    Ø Disinfection module for big water tank
    Ø Emended in each kind of equipment.
    1. Key features
    Ø Size:Φ17.5*L105mm
    Ø Input voltage:24V
    Ø UV light Irradiance :300mW
    Ø Al PCBA
    Ø Heat sinks
    2. Dimensions
    Disinfection module for water tank 2
    Disinfection module for water tank 3
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