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AICKSN Company In China

In order to cooperate with the company's global strategy, AICKSN International Corporation established AICKSN Environmental Technology Corporation in the United States in 2003. It mainly consists of the water purification division engaged in the development, production and application of high-tech membrane separation technology and the high-tech enterprise of environmentally friendly home appliances.

After 6 years of research on the Chinese market and water quality in various places, a subsidiary with independent foreign legal person qualifications - Fujian AICKSN Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Fujian in 2009.

AICKSN Company water purification division

AICKSN Company has launched a new water quality terminal treatment equipment. It is developed under the guidance of the AICKSN expert team. It takes environmental protection and health as the design concept, adopts cutting-edge membrane treatment technology, and introduces advanced production from WTW, LOVIBOND from Germany and HANNA from Italy. and testing equipment, precision-cast high-tech products for healthy drinking water in the 21st century, completely solving the global problem of healthy drinking water; Fluid Control Division: ALWAYS American experts have worked hard to create constant pressure cruise, high-frequency load, and aerospace sealing technology, combined with The scientific and exquisite manufacturing technology has pushed the fluid control industry to an unprecedented height and won good praise from the industry!

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