Water treatment equipment manufacturer, AICKSN is a one-stop solution provider for water purification.


AICKSN takes pride in our ability to offer OEM and ODM services. We understand the importance of branding and maintaining product differentiation in a competitive market.


With a strong focus on customized sampling, sample testing, advanced test tools, and unwavering commitment to quality control, and as the member of ISO9002 Quality Control System and with CE certificate, AICKSN Technology has become a leader in delivering tailored, high-performance water filtration systems and treatment facilities.

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water filter system sewage water treatment machine water purifier 3 stage water system includes PP+ACF+ATM Anti-scale remove rust sand residual chlorine microorganism virus efficiently Anti-scale improve taste 3 stage water filter fineness is 0.5 micron for coffee steamer dishwasher etc High flow carbon fiber composite meets the needs of more customers
under sink water filter This system efficiently removes common drinking water sediments such as dust sand particles dirt and rust commerce water filter Easy to Install and Maintain The sediment filter protects and extends the life of your system Drinking Water Filter System can provide your entire family with delicious clean water straight from your tap
pp water filter element High flow water filter element Certified to Remove Lead Chlorine Odor & Bad Taste- 0.5 Micron Quick Change Commercial Water Filtration Systems High Density Fiber Activated Carbon
Water purifier with replaceable filter element The high-flow carbon fiber combination meets the needs of more users. It can absorb unusual colors and odors in the water. It can filter sediment, dirt, rust and other particulate matter. It can remove residual chlorine and improve the taste. The filter element can be replaced quickly and easily with low maintenance cost. It is suitable for hotel water purification, catering water purification, business water purification and steaming. box water purification
SMART UVC High flow rate water disinfection PIPE
Advanced High flow rate water disinfection module
3 stage water filter system using imported ATS activated carbon to remove residual chlorine compounds metals harmful substances in water to protect human health under sink water filter can be used for hotel catering business dishwashers water purification activated carbon water filter quality pure water ultimate taste
Product size: 455*610*136 Capacity: 27,000 gallons /102 tons /5400 barrels of water. Peak flow: 18.9 l /5 gal/min. Filter core material: 3*ATS Features: large flow, high capacity, absorb the heterochromia and peculiar smell in the water, filter sediment, dirt, rust and other particles;It can remove heavy metals and inhibit the breeding of bacteria and microorganisms.Can remove residual chlorine, improve taste;Quick and easy replacement of filter element, low maintenance cost. Usage: household & commercial water purification Hotel water purification, catering water purification, steam box water purification
3 Stage Whole House Water Filter Water Filtration System For Under Sink Aicksn H3-Y03D High Quality 3 Stage Filter Water Systems Whole Home Appliances for House Under Sink Removed Disinfection by products Humus, lead, residual chlorine organie compounds,color odor and turbidity. 3D VO type PP cotton,Pioneering ATS composite carbon fiber filter cartridge,Imported external pressure ultrafiltration membrane. The pore diameter is 0.01 (one percent) micron. Applicable water pressure: 0.1-0.4Mpa Flow rate:3L/Min
Removed Disinfection by products Humus, lead, residual chlorine organie compounds,color odor and turbidity.
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Focus on customized solutions, advanced sample test, and stringent quality control, AICKSN commitment to deliver water filtration systems for commercial, residential and industrial applications, provide innovative solutions and ensuring the purity and safety of every drop of water.
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