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Why more and more people use water purifiers?


Water - The Source of Life

Water is one of the main components of the body, and it also plays an important role in regulating human physiological functions. Water is an important material basis for maintaining life.

Why more and more people use water purifiers? 1

Why use water purifier?

1. Water quality is increasingly polluted. More than 90% of urban groundwater sources are polluted to varying degrees. Chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and sewage are commonly discharged everywhere in rural areas, causing initially clear streams to become turbid and contaminated with antibiotics.

2. There are hidden dangers in transportation water pipes. Qualified tap water is continuously delivered to thousands of households through tap water pipes and high-rise water towers in residential areas. Many pipes have expired and the distance is long. During the transportation process, it is difficult to ensure that the water quality is still qualified. , there is a huge risk of pipeline pollution.

3. Economical and save money. Although the price of installing a water purifier is high when you first buy it, compared to the cost of bottled water, the annual cost of a water purifier is less than half of that of bottled water.

4. The hygiene of bottled water is worrying. Three days after the bottled water is opened, bacteria will continue to multiply and endanger your health.

Different types of water porifier:

1. Water purifier

Water purifiers use different filtration methods according to different requirements for water quality, and use different standard filter elements for filtration. Water purifiers have different filter element technologies, generally including PP cotton, activated carbon, ultrafiltration filter elements, etc., which can effectively filter sediment, Suspended solids, macromolecular organic matter, bacteria, heavy metals and other harmful substances. The composition of different water purifiers is different. Water purifiers include single-stage filtration, two-stage filtration, three-stage filtration, four-stage filtration, five-stage filtration, etc. The higher the level, the stricter the water filtration. The purified water is suitable for household use and can be used for daily drinking water such as cooking rice and soup.

Why more and more people use water purifiers? 2

2.  Water softener

The main function of the water softener is to soften water. It uses ion exchange resin to remove calcium and magnesium ions in the water, reduce water hardness, and remove alkali in the water. Another technology is a physical water softening method that is different from the chemical ion exchange method. It uses high-energy polymer balls to package calcium and magnesium ions in the water into crystals and exist in the water, making them less likely to scale in the water.

Why more and more people use water purifiers? 3


3.  RO reverse osmosis machine

RO system is a water purification equipment that uses multi-stage filter elements to purify water. The RO reverse osmosis membrane of the pure water machine exerts a certain pressure on the water, allowing water molecules and ionic mineral elements to pass through a reverse osmosis membrane. Most of the inorganic salts dissolved in the water include heavy metals, organic matter, bacteria, and viruses. It can filter floating objects, heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, etc. in the water that cannot pass through the reverse osmosis membrane. It has high filtration technology. Household pure water machines generally have four or five levels of filtration, and the first level is pp cotton filter. The second and third levels are activated carbon, the fourth level is RO reverse osmosis membrane, and the fifth level is precision activated carbon, which is mainly used to improve the taste. Therefore, the pure water machine is more suitable for areas with serious tap water pollution.

Why more and more people use water purifiers? 4

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